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Who can really suspend mayors in terms of the new Zimbabwean Constitution?

Pledge thee pledge , my beloved country – A legal Opinion on the Zimbabwean School’s Pledge

Response to the ZRP’s Paul Nyathi on Zim as a Police State

The right to Protest in Zimbabwe – a constitutional Chimurenga\

The Police Republic of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Abominations

Ministers for what , who and why in the Zimbabwean context

The Press as an Instrument of State accountability

Zimbabwean Lives Also Matter

Why President Jacob Zuma should fire all his Deputy Ministers

The SABC: Public Broadcaster or State Broadcaster


Apartheid State v 2. 0 –the New South Africa

Red tape won’t cover rape in varsities

 Poverty of Zimbabwean politics and emergence of citizen activism

The Dissident Propaganda

The Zimbabwe we want

A March ado about nothing

Zim’s Cyber laws: going nowhere quickly

Zimbabwe: Politically Bankrupt

#FeesMustFall, a Hijacked Revolution?

Zero Fee Increment, Time to go back to School


Regulating the Printed Press in South Africa- ResearchGate publication

Article accessible via:

Why student leaders should be selected on merit and not party affiliation- Opinion piece The Conversation , Africa

A change is going to come: on the right to peaceful protest and its history- Commentary in the Daily Vox

#FeesMustFall: The Legacy- Opinion piece on News24

Link accessible via: kaseke/2016/01/feesmustfallthe-legacy/

The Abusive Relationship between the Executive and the Judiciary

Never Again

Maybe we are what is wrong with Zimbabwe

The Malaba years — the dawn of a new era in Zimbabwe?

Rhodesia by another name

The Abusive Relationship between the Zimbabwean Executive and the Judiciary

Tribute to Morgan Tsvangirai

The New Zimbabwean Government needs to discard Mugabe Era Contradictions

Changing the culture of politics – celebrating political diversity in Zimbabwe

MDC-Alliance treading on contemptuous ground

Audio Interview Links

Why South Africa Should Get rid of its Deputy Ministers